About Me


My name is Kein Sheldrake and I am an I.T. expert.

Since the age of 8 I have had a keen interest in all areas of technology/IT. At the age of 9 or 10, I convinced my Mum to buy me the parts to build a computer, about a month after that, I convinced my Grandfather to buy me parts to build my first serious gaming computer. He thought was going to take me all holidays to build, but I had it finished in less than half a day. When I was 10 I also started a project where I was building or refurbishing computers and then donating them to immigrant families that were in need of a computer but couldn’t afford one.

Since then I have continued to gain knowledge in all areas of IT, I’ve even worked in an IT shop and seen how it’s traditionally done. At my time at the IT shop, I solved multiple problems that there was no known solution too. I have also helped my grandfather who spent over $1,000 with “Experts” trying to resolve a problem and I had it solved in under an hour. I also fixed my broken MacBook Pro with no known solution either.